Black Into My Life

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Project Description

“Black Into My Life” is a Video Music where Gianluca Draghetti participated as co-producer and co-director. The song reflects all of Sirsa’s favorite musical influences …. textured, layered, visual soundscapes; 80’s pop; hip-hop; Mediterranean lounge; acoustic folk; electronic; with hints of European and Middle Eastern flair…The song is a snap shot of Sirsa’s past few recent years — lost love, failed hopes/dreams, missed opportunities, uphill battles, dangerous temptations, childhood fantasies, feelings of withdrawal, angst, longing and more…
Sirsa Shekim is a singer/songwriter/writer based in Los Angeles, California. Her music has been used by Yves Saint Laurent, Paris Hilton, Pink, Chris Rock, Disney, foreign films, theme songs and much more. Her solo album, “Black Into My Life,” is her fourth international release and her first solo album to be released this Spring 2015.

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